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Planning to go for stag and hen activities or a corporate team event over the weekend with your friends or colleagues then try out the latest craze of Clay Shooting Activity. For any enquires call on 07914918395.


More about Stag and Hen Activities

Clay pigeon shootingGift

Types of Stag and Hen Activities

Usually in the discussion of firearms mostly focused pints are safety, accuracy, laws and the constant argument on firearm rights and the fact about its enjoyment easily forgotten in their discussion? Here are some shooting opportunities that can be enjoyed by both individual and families. A lot of Stag and Hen Activities are available that you can opt for.

  1. Sporting clays: If you want to practice shooting in the field then sporting clay is a fine way to do that. In this activity, participants need to shoot the clay target which duplicates the flight path of the game birds. Shooters can use their custom-made rifles or handguns as the event take place across several acres.
  2. Target shooting: One of the fun shooting sports is Bulls-eye Pistol where the shooter needs to use one hand to handle their handguns and shoot the target. In this shooting sport timed fire, rapid fire etc, and like events are to present which is mainly design for the purpose to build up and check skill and attention of the participant.
  3. Shooting Bowling Pins: Bowling pin shooting sport is very exciting and fun way to practice your handgun by shooting the target. To knock off bowling pins from a table is the main point of this game where the participants compete against each other. This bowling pin is a pleasurable and great way to improve the handgun skill and time for recreational shooters.
  4. Trap: For recreational shooter of all age, the trap is a great shooting game to enjoy. The main point of the game is the shooter need to stand in a half circle and need to fire 25 shots to shoot the marks that are moving away from the shooter at different angles.

There are several schools available for different shooting activities to enjoy and you can enjoy your shooting activity at Stag and Hen Activities, who offers various kinds of activities including shooting.