Clay pigeon shooting prices from AA Shooting School,Dorset,UK

Clay pigeon shootingInst

AA Shooting School offers reasonable Clay pigeon shooting prices to his Customers where you can learn shooting technique from the experts and enjoy full day with your colleague or families doing adventurous activities at its private shooting ground.


Clay pigeon shooting gifts from AA Shooting School, Dorset,UK

Clay pigeon shooting gifts are great

A hobby that you shall like very much

Wanting to give someone a present or a gift they will love and never forget? So here it is the clay pigeon shooting gift vouchers which are a type of gift that can be given to your special ones on different occasions whether it’s a Christmas or a birthday.

Clay pigeon shooting Gift

There are different gift vouchers available like the £60 which is the most popular. It covers 25 or 40 clay shooting experience which depends on locations and the additional things that are included are the equipment and a qualified instructor. The other vouchers that are available are-:

Clay shooting experience with refreshments for two

It is a clay shooting experience for two with full training and you will enjoy seasonal refreshment too.


Clay shooting experience with refreshment for one

It is a clay shooting experience for one other thing same as for seasonal refreshment for two gift vouchers.


Clay pigeon shooting for two

Clay Pigeon shooting requires you to fire cartridges at clay ‘pigeons’ and instructions will be given from the instructor who will guide you as to how to fire. It doesn’t include any seasonal refreshment.


Clay pigeon shooting for one

If you want to shoot alone at clay pigeon target then this is the best choice. It doesn’t include any seasonal refreshment.


So these were some clay pigeon shooting gifts and vouchers. If one wants to refresh and doesn’t have an idea of what to do on vacations then this is the perfect one. One doesn’t need to do anything, its all included in the voucher. That makes it a perfect gift.